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          Featured Products

          Skyworks is pleased to introduce the SKY65725-11 and the SKY65728-11, shielded GPS low-noise amplifier FEMs for mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets. Both devices feature high linearity, excellent gain, and superior noise figure to enable design flexibility and high levels of integration. The SKY65725-11 is ideal for GPS/GNSS/BDS receivers while the SKY65728-11 works well for GPS L5 applications, and can be placed closer to the antenna, improving receiver sensitivity that is necessary for today's mobile devices.

          SKY72310-11 is a 50 MHz to 2.1 GHz fractional-N frequency synthesizer for high-performance Land Mobile Radio/Professional Mobile Radio (LMR/PMR) systems. This synthesizer is a key building block of a phase-locked loop (PLL), providing ultra-fine frequency resolution, low power consumption, and low phase-noise performance, and is ideal for rugged portable and mobile two-way radios used in both business as well as mission-critical applications.

          SKY66118-11 is FEM designed for Bluetooth? Internet of Things (IoT) applications including smartwatches, trackers, connected home systems, wireless and gaming headsets and more.

          Engineer in clean suit holding silicon wafer in clean room

          Shielded LNA FEM with GPS/GNSS/BDS Pre-Filter


          • Small signal gain: 16 dB typical
          • Low noise figure: 1.8 dB typical
          • Compact Package: QFN 9-pin 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.75 mm

          Shielded LNA FEM with GPS L5 Band Pre-Filter


          • Small signal gain: 16 dB typical
          • Low noise figure: 1.6 dB typical
          • Compact Package: QFN 9-pin 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.7 mm

          Single Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer


          • Operating frequency: 50 MHz to 2.1 GHz
          • Ultra-fine step size, 100 Hz or less
          • Supply range: 2.7 to 3.3 V operation
          • Package: MCM 24-pin, 4 x 4 mm

          2.4 GHz FEM for Bluetooth® IoT Applications


          • Output power control: ± 1dB
          • Wide supply range: 1.7 V to 3.3 V
          • Fast switch on/off time: 800 ns
          • Small MCM package: 18-pin, 2.6 x 2.4 x 0.75 mm

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